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I expected it to be longer 😩 Great overall just didn’t expect it to that short- Also maybe if you can make an option to make the game full screen? I have trouble personally on trying to look at small text.

I apologize for it being so short! I'm a slow writer and figured if I wanted to upload it I'd better do it as soon as possible. I will see if I can make it full screen. Thank you for reading! 

It’s all good 👍 I understand that writing can be hard so no worries and gl 😊

Thank you!


The beginning was ominous and I loved it. You left it on a cliffhanger to get people hooked, and well, you've got one hooked already...

We're glad you're liking it so far! 

I'm glad that y'all made it and I found it! I can't wait for more!